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Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka (FOGSL) is a non-profit organization that works for the conservation of birds and environment. It works as a non-governmental organization, but affiliated to the Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science, University of Colombo. FOGSL was established in 1976, to achieve the following objectives.

  1. Bring together persons who are interested in the study and conservation of birds of Sri Lanka.
  2. To generate interest among laypersons and students of natural history in the study and conservation of birds.
  3. To institute, direct and carryout island wide field study programmes on various aspects of bird biology.
  4. To establish links with other groups in other parts of the world with similar interests.

Field Ornithology Group is the national affiliate of the BirdLife International , which is the umbrella organization for all the institutes working on conservation of birds around the world.

Key activities

Major activities of FOGSL are concentrated on two main aspects, namely scientific research and environmental education.

Research studies

  1. IBA(Improtant Bird Area) Programme
  2. National Bird Ringing Programme
  3. Ecological studies of selected bird species
  4. Studies on mixed species bird flocks

Environment education programmes

  1. Schools environment education programme
  2. FOG Kids programme
  3. Conservation awareness campaigns
  4. Tsunami affected schools development programme
  5. Annual P.B. Karunarathna memorial exhibition
  6. Annual amateur photographic contest and exhibition
  7. E-communication

FOGSL provides many other services either free of charge or for a nominal fee. These include,

  1. Consultation for products development of ecotourism facilities.
  2. Training programmes for officers in the fields of wildlife, ecotourism, education, etc in the government and private sectors.
  3. Bird friendly certification for tourism products and services in Sri Lanka.


FOGSL membership is open to all and only qualification is an interest in birds.

Membership categories are:

Life membership

Ordinary membership

Student membership

Corporate membership

Affiliate membership

Foreign membership

FOGSL members receive many benefits.

  • A free subscription for quarterly published bulletin Malkoha (English) or Kedetta ( Sinhala)
  • Concessionary rates for the FOGSL publications and other products
  • Access to FOGSL library
  • Participate in monthly lecture series
  • Participate in Field excursions
  • Participate in Field Workshops
  • Satisfaction of contributing to conservation of birds and environment

If you are interested download the membership form

Contact FOGSL

Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka
Department of Zoology,
University of Colombo,
Colombo 03,
Sri Lanka.
Telephone:+94 11 2501332
+94 11 2592609
Fax: +94 11 2592604