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Birding with the 3rd Eye Bird photography competition

Giving an opportunity for all the Bird Photographers to showcase their talent, the Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka (FOGSL) launched a Bird Photography competition titled “Birding with the 3rd Eye”.

The photographs can be submitted on 6 categories – Bird Portraits, Bird Behaviour, Bird Habitats, Endemic and rare birds, People and Birds, Birds… [More......]

Camping at Nilgala by FOGSL

The Gal Oya National Park is rich in both fauna and flora and about 45 percent of the Park is covered by evergreen forest while a further 33 percent is taken up by savanna areas. The Park spans over 25,000 hectares in total and has three mountains within its boundaries Events

Field Trip to Hill Country –

Next field trip is to Hill Country.

Dates :- April 28-1st May

Accommodation :- Basic.

Kids Meeting

Monthly acctivity for the youngsters, who are interested to learn more about birds and nature. If you are in between age 5 and 15 and like to know more about beautiful birds and butterflies, this is for you…. so come and enjoy ….!

For the schedule and activity read …..

fogsl education kids

20th Bird Watchers Conference – 2011

Since the last Bird Watchers Conference held in 2000, much work on birds have been achieved. Its now time to report the achievement.

Papers are invited on the studies done- amateur and professional.

In addition to “Bird Watching sites and locations” we would appreciate presentations on any aspect that you feel need to… [More......]