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‘Carrying your camera into the jungle’ – monthly lecture on bird photography

Rahula Perera – an expert on the subject of wildlife photography delivered the FOGSL October monthly lecture on wildlife photography. Showing examples, Rahula briefed how to take a good photo in the wilderness. He particularly highlighted the need of looking for better angles, without trying to capture the ‘Birds’ profiles’. Everybody needs to be careful… [More......]

Lecture on Birds and Culture: Ethno-birding

Dr. Dr. Wasantha Weliange – an expert on a different subject of Ethno-Birding has delivered a special lecture for FOGSL members on October. Dr.Weliange explained that different tribes and communities use different names for different bird species, yet there is a resemblance of the names. He presented a list of names being used by Sri… [More......]

Lecture on Prehistoric biodiversity (with special focus on Birds)

Kelum Manamendra-arachchie; one of the Sri Lanka’s foremost expert on Paleobiodiversity delivered a lecture during September monthly meeting on “Prehistoric Biodiversity with special emphasis on Birds”. Providing evidences using fossilized bird bones, Kelum explained the prehistoric man could have hunted a number of different bird species. The expert also mentioned that according to… [More......]