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Waterbird study in Malala Lewaya (Sri Lanka)

The paper present findings on the waterbird populations in Malala Lewaya (lagoon) in the Bundala National Park which is a Ramsar site. i20196_gannet

Identity of the Home Ranges of Brown Skuas Catharacta Antarctica lonnbergi (AVES: STERCORARIIDAE) Collected in the Northern Indian Ocean

Tarsus lengths of Brown Skuas are reliable guides to their home ranges. Tarsi of specimens from Sri Lanka and India suggested that their home ranges were from the sub-Antarctic islands and New Zealand. [More......]

Shearwater Migration off the coast of Sri Lanka

Shearwaters were observed migrating southwards off the western coast of Sri Lanka. On the basis of their morphology the birds were identified as Flesh-footed Shearwaters. [More......]

Identity of Skuas Catharacta in Sri lanka

Specimens of Large Skuas from Sri Lanka are deposited in the Colombo Museum. One had been identified as a South Polar Skua and others as Antarctic Skuas. Reexamination of the specimens showed that all are Brown Skuas. [More......]

Observations on the mass migration of Bridled Terns Sterna anaethetus off the coast of Colombo.

An annual mass migration of Bridled Terns (a species of seabird) has been observed off the western coast of Sri Lanka. This paper describes the migration as observed from land during the years 1981-1984. [More......]