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MigrantWATCH 2014/15 launched

The MigrantWATCH for the season 2014/15 was launched on the last weekend of September with duel events organized by FOGSL. On 27th of September a lecture on ‘Migrant Birds of Sri lanka’ was held in University of Colombo. The event was participated by nearly 100 bird enthusiasts, both new and experienced. A birding session was organized at Thalangam wetland on following day – Sunday 28th.September. This has been another successful event with nearly 100 bird lovers – mainly those new to birding – getting the change to do birdwatching under guidance of FOGSL members.

Before the official launching of MigrantWATCH 2014/15; the FOGSL monthly meeting of August too has been dedicated to Migrants. Prof.Sarath Kotagama delivered the monthly lecture on 30th August setting up the arena for this season’s MigrantWATCH.

With the aim to promote observation of migrant birds, help the exhausted and stress need of conserving the habitats migrants need for their survivals, FOGSL initiated MigrantWATCH in 2011. FOGSL also established an online document to capture the records of sightings of migrants shared on Public domains, Social media platforms and through direct communications. This document can be accessed through following link.

MigrantWATCH 2014/15 DataSheet

Following are moments from the MigrantWATCH 2014/15 launching events held on 27th and 28th of September