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Prof. Kotagama has been elected to the global council of Bird Life International

It’s a great pleasure to announce that Professor Sarath Kotagama, Co-founder of Field Ornithological Group of Sri Lanka has been appointed as the Chairperson for the Birdlife Asia Council and also being elected to be a Member of the Global Council of Birdlife International.

Birdlife international is the world’s largest nature conserving partnership with over 13 million members across over one hundred countries. Every four years Birdlife International holds its World Congress to adopt strategies, programmes and policies and to elect members for its Global Council as well for the regional committees. This year Birdlife International held it’s Birdlife World Congress in Ottawa, Canada from 19 – 22nd June.

FOGSL is the local affiliate of the Birdlife International. Professor Sarath kotagama is a Professor of Environment Science at Department of Zoology, University of Colombo where FOGSL is based. Professor Kotagama is pioneer in popularizing birds among people and currently he is the advisor to the Minster of Wildlife Conservation in Sri Lanka.
His appointment as the Chairperson of the Asia Council is a mark of recognition of his work contributed into wildlife conservation in the Asian region. It is a great honor not only to FOGSL but to the whole Sri Lanka, of Professor Kotagama’s achievement and recognition in the Global Council.
His positions in the Global Council and the Asia Council, will provide more linkages with Birdlife International and FOGSL in future policy development, planning and bird conservation in Sri Lanka.